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Garage entrance doors

Garage door

As an important decorative element of any house, the garage door is the bridge between your interior space and the exterior image of your home. It contributes to both the aesthetics of the façade and your lifestyle. 

All our garage doors are easy to use, secure and available in various finishes. 

Protect your home and family by choosing quality products

Front Doors

On top of providing protection from intrusion and bad weather, the front door contributes a lot to the aesthetic of your home. 

SACAZE MENUISERIE offers a wide range of PVC, ALU and wooden doors, in different styles:

    One or more swing doors,
    With or without a third party,

Various Options

  • Crosspieces, glazing, handles, etc.

A wide choice of colours are available, including white, beige, grey, oak or mahogany, You can choose two different colours for the inside and outside.

Filling of the door as desired

  • solid or glazed panels.

Different colours available

  • white, beige, golden oak, anthracite, mahogany

Here a renovation in Finhan of an old non-insulating and null security door by a door equipped with a double glazing security 44/2 outside in bi-coloration immitation wood outside and white inside.

Entrance door wood inside and aluminium outside
here the papyrus model 

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